Bistro Praha
Goulash Week

Welcome to Bistro Praha

The fact that you are on this website means that you are looking for a special place to eat in Edmonton, one which is central to the downtown and that will not disappoint. You are in luck because you have found what you are looking for.

When the late Frantisek Cikanek arrived in Edmonton from his native Czech, one of the things he looked for was the kind of cafe he was used to frequenting in Prague (Praha.) He wanted to hear classical music and eat familiar Czech delicacies in a restaurant in which he could feel at home. Not finding one that met his needs, in 1977, he decided to open his own.

For more than 40 years, Bistro Praha has been a fixture on the Edmonton dining scene. During that time, it has developed into much more than a restaurant; it has become an Edmonton institution, so much so that saying, "Let's eat at the Bistro." can only mean that you are talking about going to the Praha.

Bistro Praha is the place to go if you want a warm atmosphere, authentic goulash, cabbage soup, wiener schnitzel or a range of European style dishes. It's also the place to go to people watch. You never know who is going to be sitting at the next table. Over the years, the Bistro Praha has served the likes of Kirk Douglas and Joni Mitchell and almost every celebrity who has visited Edmonton knows about the Bistro Praha's fried cheese dish. But whether you are famous or not, the way your will be treated will make you feel like a celebrity, an old friend and a valued customer. Come and find out for yourself. We are confident that it will the first visit of many to come.